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The legacy of Pop Music

***(On the streets of Amsterdam) Is Pop (really) dead??? Is Michael's legacy alive through artists of the new generation? Who are they?

I was working on the day Michael Jackson died and, late that night (I still haven't heard the news that were already spread worldwide) my colleague was playing MJ on and off during the shift. When he finally came to me and said: "Michael Jackon is alive tonight!!!!". I didn't get the sweet joke, and I said to him: "Yeah! And he's even touring next month, after all those years!!". He said nothing then. Probably because he thought I was joking along. But I wasn't. So, I just found out he had indeed passed away the next morning, by the brazilian Rolling Stone website.

There goes one of the biggest icons of the music/culture scene ever, the starting point of the mainstream music the way we know it. Talking about music: it's history and it's marks is necessarily going through Jackson's career. What he brought to the world on dancing and singing, my friend, is untouchable. No mysteries here; just as the rain is wet.

Well... and it is never fair to say - or, better - is never easy to understand about someone's life and behaviour without being this same person. And for me, I'll never know what is it to start working at 5 years of age, having a busy schedule at childhood and all those other things, that look preeeetty freak and came years after. At the end of the day, we simply realize he's a human being. Thus, he dies as well - physically speaking, at least. His legacy is alive and will remain forever, generation by generation. I just believe MJ's time on Earth has arrived for now. And wish him to be in peace forever, wherever he is.

He even had Eddie Van Halen (Beat It, Ed!!!!) and Slash, among so many great artists, working together with him. Considering that I love those 2 as musicians, members of bands that I listened to a lot, and still do, I'm also very glad for them.

But life goes on!!!! So: Hey, Ho, Let's Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vamo que vamo, que o som não pode parar!!!!!


**Patrick's note: "Don't forget Quincy Jones!!!"

Answer: I didn't, and won't do. But this one is just about Michael, the icon. The artist without whom QJ's creativity and brain wouldn't be that well delivered throughout the whole globe.

*My note: It's a fridge, where the Pop is Dead thing is written. It was left on the street by someone who probably just bought a better one and was gentle enough to leave the previous to someone who needs. Historical now.

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